A NEW Look: Program Manager Naisha Price

How does she do it? Naisha Price manages our program for seniors, New Journeys II and our program for mothers, New Horizons, while earning a master’s degree in mental health counseling. She received a bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of the District of Columbia before joining the NEW team in 2007.

Naisha described returning to graduate school and managing her role as a program manager as a bumpy start. “It was difficult for me because the last time I attended school was 2007. It took some time for me to get adjusted, but thankfully NEW was very accommodating.”

Naisha has a very special connection with NEW, which drives her passion to continue her work while finishing her graduate school program. Her mother was once a client. Naisha was motivated to give back to an organization that once helped her mother.

This motivation has led to her being able to take care of a program such as New Horizons, which has the capacity to serve 17 women and their children. While this may seem difficult, the success stories make it worth it. Naisha remembers a client who graduated from college and now works at Patient First. She remembers a family of nine that she helped move to North Carolina to a permanent home.

As to what she hopes to see in the future, Naisha hopes to see more quality service for mental health. She explains, “The district has changed over the years in terms of mental health services. There are too many people who need service, but not enough workers.” She looks forward to someday seeing a new program for mental health services right here in NEW.

Perhaps when Naisha receives her master’s degree in mental health counseling, she can make that happen!

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