A Student, a Case manager, and a National Honor Society Award 

R” moved to Washington, DC a few years ago with his mom, brother and two sisters. The family was fleeing a domestic abuse crisis and looking to start over. They found NEW. Today R. and his siblings are academically thriving. In a recent newsletter, we wrote about his sister L. who is attending college. Well, now R. is coming up behind her, earning a 3.56 to finish his sophomore year at Bishop McNamara High School AND getting inducted into the National Honor Society. 

“The sky’s the limit for R.,” his case manager Wakeena Corbin says. “When he found out about getting in the National Honor Society, he called me and said ‘Oh my gosh Ms. Wakeena!’ I told him, “See, all your hard work paid off.” 

Wakeena has been a constant support for R. who loves history and chemistry and plans on pursuing an engineering degree. “Ms. Wakeena, she keeps me on top of my work,” R. says. “She’ll call me and when my computer tablet broke, she went to school to get me a new one.”

Wakeena says that R’s success has inspired his younger siblings, sixth grader K. and ninth grader E. “Now the brothers and sisters are competing against each to do well in school and keep up,” she says.

Wakeena helped R’s sister through the college application process, and she is excited to help R., who wants to go to college in California, too. 

“R. is absolutely wonderful,” Wakeena says. “He knows I believe in him.”

“I’m very grateful for the people here at New Endeavors,” R. says.

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It’s been a challenging time for all of us as we adjust our days, our budgets and our expectations to COVID-19. And now, add a city and country grasping for footing after the death of an unarmed black man by a white police officer and we all feel even more out of control, unstable, and concerned about the future. Here at NEW we know that one way we can process our own feelings is to think about the needs and feelings of others.

We need you. The women need you. Your community needs you. Now more than ever women and children in DC need a safe and stable place to live.