Did You Know: Case Manger Mozell Brown

Did you know that this week, case manager Mozell Brown celebrates 27 years of sobriety? One of 12 kids in her family, D.C-native, Mozell lost her mom to cancer when she was 10-years-old. “I didn’t know how to cope,” she said, so around the age of 13, she started using drugs. “I stopped believing in God and I became this very angry little girl,” she said. She eventually dropped out of school and became homeless. Then at the age of 31, she decided she had had enough. She quit using drugs and alcohol, and didn’t relapse once. She earned her GED and her bachelor’s degree in social work. Sometimes Mozell shares her story with her clients, so that “they can receive that hope, that if it happened for me, it can happen for them,” she said.

When she got sober, she also regained her faith in God. Prayer, Mozell said, is a big part of her life. “You just pray. Cause prayer changes things, but you have to believe in order for it to change.”

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