New Horizons Makeover!

Nearly 200 volunteers from the nonprofit, My Girlfriend’s House, staged a multi-day makeover of NEW’s New Horizons housing program for homeless women and children.

In their largest makeover project to date, My Girlfriend’s House removed old furniture, cleaned, painted, and decorated New Horizons to make it more livable and welcoming for the 17 families and 45 children currently in residence. Volunteers put in a special effort to make the facility and an adjoining backyard more child-friendly and better landscaped.

Says Veronica Eyenga, executive director and founder of My Girlfriend’s House, “Our goal with this makeover party was to transform each of the apartments to look and feel like a child’s haven with bright colors, toys and pictures of inspiration.”

“It’s really all about the kids – and they were thrilled,” says NEW Executive Director Wanda Steptoe. “What a great opportunity give the kids rooms that stimulate their creativity.”