NEW’s 2014-15 Annual Program Report

NEW Alum, Brenda Brooks (image by Christine Pearl - all rights reserved)

We know it doesn’t take much, and yet, we are always surprised how little separates us from the homeless—a job loss, medical bills, a bad marriage. It can happen to anyone of us. Then we get to know the people whose fortunes took a poor turn. And we realize they aren’t always troubled people who were already on thin ice.

They were, are, people with education, families, homes, jobs. They are people who did everything not to get to the street, and now, do everything to get off the street. They are people who have focus, are very capable of advocating for themselves, and are working hard to turn the corner. They are us. As Brenda Brooks, a NEW alum, and a featured story in our latest annual report says in her poem:

Ever care who I am?

Ever care what you see?

Was once like you

Done up nice.

NEW’s complete 2014-2015 annual report is now online.

Image: Brenda Brooks (image by Christine Pearl – all rights reserved)