Partners For The Future

monthlygivingThe world carries on, the winter sets in, and all of us await spring. But the women and children of NEW don’t wait for a fresh start — because there is no time like the present to build a new future!

We’ve also learned that it’s the small acts that matter. They don’t just keep hope alive, they help with that first concrete step toward a new beginning. And they’re possible — for everyone. It’s a bit like the new year’s resolutions. By February, losing X pounds/exercising everyday/eating healthy seems like a combination of joyless and impossible. But keeping that one soda away at lunch is doable. Taking the stairs is not impossible. The small things keep us going.

For the people in our care, the small things make all the difference — like the Metro cards you sent after the Women’s March and the Valentine cards now arriving. Your small acts enable the people at NEW to keep moving.

So let’s make a lasting difference together. Become a sustaining giver this year. Join our Partners for the Future monthly giving program. You might forego a couple of skinny lattes in order to sign up to donate $10 a month. It’s a small action, but it compounds to a big impact for a homeless woman or child.

Here’s to Partners for the Future – and that first step!

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