Sistah Queens help us open a Resource Pantry

sistah-queens-groupWe are so grateful for the continued support and partnership of the Sistah Queens. Sistah Queens is a membership group of more than 100 women from the DC area and across the country, who are dedicated to uplifting and empowering women. Last year, the group hosted a wonderful daylong women’s empowerment mini-conference for our residents, and since then, they have volunteered as mentors. Recognizing that many NEW residents, despite having an income, still struggle to sustain a household, the Sistah Queens group set out on a mission to help.

Many of our residents, especially those with children, simply cannot make ends meet on a small salary, even with some government assistance.  NEW provides supplemental food and personal items to help these women and families continue to move forward out of homelessness and poverty.  Through partnerships with the Capital Area Food Bank and other organizations, we receive some essentials, but these resources are not enough to meet all of our residents’ needs. So the Sistah Queens volunteered to help us create our own Resource Pantry!

On March 16, the Sistah Queens members began stocking the resource pantry with dry goods and toiletries, and they will host ongoing drives to help keep the pantry well-stocked.  Our goal is to stock the pantry with a variety of canned goods; rice; pasta; non-refrigerated beverages; cereal; baby food; toothpaste; toothbrushes; soap; feminine products; deodorant; razors; and, diapers.

We are delighted to add this resource to assist residents in making ends meet, which in turn, will help them attain their longer-term education, employment and self-sufficiency goals. Thank you, Sistah Queens!

For more information about the Resource Pantry, contact Kiara Crawley, our education and employment resources coordinator