Profiles in New Endeavors: Denise Ziegler

Profiles in New Endeavors: Denise Ziegler

Not everybody can relate to our homeless clients. But Denise Ziegler has a story that serves as inspiration.

Denise, 53, is the lead case manager at New Horizons, which currently serves 17 families with single mothers. Her team provides case management services, home visits, and community meetings.

On Saturday, June 24, she got her associate’s degree in business administration from Strayer University.

Denise began working at NEW in 2008 as support staff on the weekends, while she was working on weekdays as an administrative assistant. Her other job recommended that in order to advance she go back to school, so she did. Read more

New Horizons Makeover!

Nearly 200 volunteers from the nonprofit, My Girlfriend’s House, staged a multi-day makeover of NEW’s New Horizons housing program for homeless women and children.

In their largest makeover project to date, My Girlfriend’s House removed old furniture, cleaned, painted, and decorated New Horizons to make it more livable and welcoming for the 17 families and 45 children currently in residence. Volunteers put in a special effort to make the facility and an adjoining backyard more child-friendly and better landscaped. Read more