New Endeavors By Women’s Youth Enrichment Program (YEP!) provides academic support and life skills development to our youth residents in grades 1 to 8.

YEP! utilizes the Early Risers “Skills for Success” model to engage children and parents in the children’s scholastic achievement, especially reading and math, as well as their social growth. YEP! operates during the school year and summer months, giving children a full year of support and enrichment activities.

NEW staff and volunteers provide homework assistance during the week after school, as well as educational and cultural activities on the weekends. This year we are serving 25 children in YEP! and nearly all of them are performing at grade level or above in reading and math. We believe that supporting our youth so they can experience success in school is a tangible way to work to end homelessness.

NEW has two family programs – New Horizons and New Generations – which provide both transitional and permanent supportive housing.  By offering comprehensive model support services, we help strengthen women’s capacity to be heads of household, and offer women and children a chance to build life skills and forge stronger bonds as a family unit.

The need is critical.

It is worth noting that rates of homelessness among individuals in DC have decreased slightly since 2010, yet rates of family homelessness have skyrocketed, increasing more than 60% in the same time. Children account for 60% of individuals in Washington’s homeless families– and homelessness takes a heavy toll on the more than 4,000 children in our city’s homeless families. According to the National Center on Family Homelessness: homeless children are sick four times more often than other children; have three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems; are four times more likely to show delayed development; and have twice the rate of learning disabilities as non-homeless children.

Additionally, although 85% of homeless children attend school regularly, among those in grades 3 through 12 who participated in state assessment tests, only 48% were proficient in reading and only 43% were proficient in math. One in three homeless children will repeat a grade.

We believe that making a lasting difference in the lives of homeless families and children starts with helping homeless mothers achieve stability and their children to achieve educational success. Help support YEP! with a donation today!

It’s been a challenging time for all of us as we adjust our days, our budgets and our expectations to COVID-19. And now, add a city and country grasping for footing after the death of an unarmed black man by a white police officer and we all feel even more out of control, unstable, and concerned about the future. Here at NEW we know that one way we can process our own feelings is to think about the needs and feelings of others.

We need you. The women need you. Your community needs you. Now more than ever women and children in DC need a safe and stable place to live.